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TransformationsECD is Growing Businesses, Developing Talent & Helping Communities Prosper!

What We Do

We are a  501(C)3 non profit organization that develops talent, business enterprises, and community workforce. We provide programs, projects, and activities to support entrepreneurs and provide direct business services to businesses at every stage of development.   

Who We Serve

We serve communities, nascent, starting, existing businesses as well as the unemployed, underemployed and skilled challenged citizens from all walks of life, including adults, youth, and diverse populations.

Where We Work

We work within and with urban and rural distressed communities that stretches from the western bank of the Mississippi to the eastern bank of the Tennessee Rivers. 

What We Need

Partner with TxECD as we help to broaden the ecosystem to help businesses grow and prosper in Tennessee! Are you a seasoned business professional who desires to see Tennessee businesses thrive? Lend a hand, tell your story, share your knowledge, expertise AND invest your time, talent, and “change” to strengthen Tennessee businesses!

When We Started

Founded in 2001, the organization began by offering small pilot programs with very little to no funding to identify problems, determined solutions, and to test concepts, market needs, demands to find its defined niche in the economic, community, and small business development arenas.  During that period several activities helped us to solidify where we work.  Those activities have ranged from an artisans' initiative to offering advisory/coaching services to launching a business resource center in conjunction with faith-based ministry to facilitating adult, youth, train-the-trainer, and peer-to-peer entrepreneurship curricular in West Tennessee's urban and rural communities.  Most recently, Transformations ECD served as a sub-grantee and partnered with the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce during 2017 on a Creative Communities Grant from Launch Tennessee. Transformations ECD served as the technical provider, facilitator, and program manager of the program while the partnering county served as grant manager. This grant allowed us to provide the Innovate U: Launch U Entrepreneurship Program for placed based businesses, artisans, micro enterprises -- and those just starting or thinking about starting a business.  We also offered an inter-generational Business Readiness Summer Reading Program in partnership with  the Wayne County Board of Education to children in grades K-4 and served as business advising partner for the first ever Wayne County High School Robotics Team which successfully competed in the "BEST" Robotics Competition , a regional program. Our programs, projects, services, and initiatives have reached hundreds of participants, attendees, and spectators and have launched upstarts, expansions, and increase business knowledge 100 fold.


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