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Transformations ECD vision is to provide job and business readiness training, entrepreneurial training, counseling, technical assistance, financial literacy, sector skills training, mentoring, credit and direct loans, and access to capital for micro-entrepreneurs, small business owners, and existing industry who want to increase their capacity to grow into sustainable businesses that positively impact the local economy as we move and step forward to establish and grow a big vision, solid business model, and prosperous social impact entity.

Transformations ECD primary focus will be on enterprise growth via entrepreneurship and business development, mentoring, training, technical assistance, and management support services, access to capital and credit, and access to markets, a macro/micro approach.

Transformation ECD strategy is to provide direct training services to participants recruited into our program, the following areas: 



Sectorial Workforce Development Initiative & Worker Cooperatives

Access to Markets & Enterprise Opportunities

Access to Mentoring, Training & Technical Assistance

Access to Debt & Equity Capital

Personal, Career, Financial, and Business Literacy Enhancements

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