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Neighborly Businesses

Events are organized to give citizens and business owners an avenue to meet and get to know each other for a neighborly exchange of ideas to build the community. 

Economic Gardening

Our second program is primarily designed for second stage companies using Economic Gardening (EG) Pilot Program as our strategy. EG takes an entrepreneurial approach to job creation. Often referred to as a "homegrown" or "inside-out" strategy, EG focuses on growth-oriented businesses facing strategic challenges, such as penetrating new markets, refining business models and developing high-performance teams.

launchU Business Bootcamp

LaunchU Business Bootcamp is a 36-hour facilitated course that providers coaching to dreamers, creators, and innovators.  Learn about business planning, pitching, tracking, financial forecasting, and concept feasibility.  

Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors is a session that helps gIg-preneurs like you to get your hustle on -- the right way -- while becoming  the seasoned business owner U were meant to be!

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